Equipment list

Screen printer:
Speedline Technologies - MPM-125
12.5 micron accuracy.
Vision alignment.
Solder paste inspection.
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Screen printer

Pick and Place machine (2x):
Assembleon - Opal-XII
40 micron accuracy.
Handles components from 01005 to large connectors,
finepitch QFP, BGA, µBGA and CSP packages.
Up to 100 tape feeders per machine.
Integration software / Line optimizer.
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Pick and Place machine (2x)

Reflow oven:
Vitronics Soltec - MR933
9 heating zones, 3 cooling zones.
Mimimal delta T.
Optimal heat transfer.
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Reflow oven

PCB transport:
Nutek NTE710LM Single magazine line loader
Nutek NTM 410M Linking conveyor 1000mm (2x)
Nutek NTM510ICM Inspection conveyor 1500mm
Nutek NTE710UM Single magazine line unloader
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PCB transport

Wave soldering:
Ersa - EWS330
Leadfree. Filled with SACX0307.
Foam fluxer.
1100m preheating length.
Double wave.
Working width: 330mm.
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Wave soldering Machine Ersa EWS 330